My drip, yeah it's spread ’cross the nation
I drive in this foreign like I'm racin'
Catchin’ your bitch and I slaughter like Jason
I'm from the south and I'm not talkin' Macon
She left him alone 'cause he fried like some bacon
I'm drankin' on purple while watchin' the Lakers
Took one for my partner ’cause I’m a team player
Fuck with her vibe so she met at Rodeo
He cuffin' that bitch on the set like a hero
I let my pockets get big like a kilo
Put a bag on his head and they hit me for real ones
He got big in the head like he poppin’ some steroids
I pull to the hood just to eat on some [?]
You can't run from this shit you just gotta face it
A baby with watches got boogers in faces
I'm blind to the bullshit just like I got mace-ded
Fly in your town count a bag on the daily
I ain't serious ’bout pussy I ain't doin' no rape
All that damn hatin' you do overrated
Bitch in my face 'cause I muhfuckin' made it
Poppin' these percs 'cause my body be achin'
I am a real one 'lil nigga you stagin'
Head straight for the top 'cause I came from the basement
Promethazine that's with Codeine
I mix it with drink yeah we call it lean
My eyes gettin' low my body hit a lean
[???] 'cause music they need
Call the damn maintenance 'cause it's drip not leakage
She too classy ain't showing no cleavage
If you get my number baby girl you better use it
Tyler Perry hmm gon' shoot us a movie
Austin Power Gotit 'cause I'm gettin' real groovy
And I'm gonna start my own wave big movement
Saw my first dead yeah that was a big moment
Ever since then I've been money hungry
No we can't ride deep, 2 door coupes
Lil' mama text said "let me have you"
Hit from the back she screamed "how are you here?"
Draco with a drum nigga I don't have shooters
Me and this cash wipe out niggas [?]
Go and got a lil' top show you how to do it
Diamond cut chains and the pearls no rubies
On a Tuesday we chowin' at Ruby's

Yeah, Oooouuu

Gucci swag Air Max yeah that's 'quisite
Burberry, Off-white, that exotic movement
Take her for a ride like we been in Civics
Push start no key we ridin' in a new Jag
She forgot about it yeah she went and got a new man
She got her ex mad 'cause her new man bought her new ass
Droppin' racks on this shit we ain't use no keypads
No I ain't change with the money
Almost every Friday bringin' out hundreds
She knew I beat shit down no [?]
The bigger amount come wrapped like mummies

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