Alana: Don't Save Me was kind of like a, it was like a big deal for us because we had only released Forever and, um, when we released the Forever EP we put it out for basically our friends. Like, we didn't think anything of it. We weren't like trying to do crazy things we just wanted to show people that we could actually record after being a band for 6 years and never releasing anything.

Este: Yeah. I think we just wanted a residency. That was like, that was our goal.

Alana: Yeah that was like the big-

Danielle: In LA there's like-

Este: Because you know the Monday nights residencies in LA. Like, every venue basically on the Eastside opens its doors for free and there's like one band that plays the whole month and then they have like openers. So we would always do like, we would be like the openers for people that had the residencies. So we would be like "One day. One day we'll have our own."

Alana: "One day we'll have a residency at The Echo." and that still didn't even happen. We like released the Forever EP and were like "Can we have a residency?" and they're like-

All: "No."

Alana: And we were like "Cool. Thanks."

Este: "Cool, alright."

Alana: Um, but um after the Forever EP came out, yeah we came to London for the first time and played London and-

Este: Did The Great Escape.

Alana: Did The Great Escape. And-

Danielle: Did all these amazing things and-

Alana: And then people were like "Okay. Where's the next thing?" and we were like-

All: "What?"

Este: "Like what are you? Why?"

Alana: "What next album? Like what do you?" Like we have the Forever EP and everyone was asking for new music and we were so surprised because we were like "Why?"

Alana: And so we went to Sunset Sound, which is like a legendary-

Danielle: Which is like, yeah it was like our first time in an actual really nice recording studio and-

Este: An actual recording studio. It's like the dopest room ever. Prince did Purple Rain in there.

Alana: Yeah, no big deal.

Este: Yeah, in that room. Nbd. Petty did like, all of Damn The Torpedoes. I sat on every chair. I was like "Maybe Prince sat on this chair."

Alana: I stepped on every-

Este: Every crack.

Alana: Every crack.

Este: Every part of the studio. But yeah, it's just it's kind of this iconic studio in LA.

Alana: We literally did the Don't Save Me EP in like a week. Which was like, so fast for us. Like it was like the quickest thing we had ever done and-

Este: But it was really fun.

Alana: It was so much fun.
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