[Verse 2. Canibus]
The Universe is eternal, I am not
But if the Universe is Hip Hop, I am God
The block's still hot, your rhymes is not
I got niggas doing pull ups, bitches doing squats
The hours I spent tapping in the power of Zen
Go back and listen to my albums again
No matter what they won't allow me to win
It's a motherfucking conspiracy against my bloodline and my kin
Every time I rhyme I win
I got old, now I'm out of wind, I had to stop smoking broccoli again
I'm a fool and I got no friends
But this goes back to the hours I spent practicing Zen
I don't look back on my actions and sins
I take it back to where it begins and just start rapping again
Until the laws of quantum becomes common
Like eating Raman noodles with shamans
And breaking bread with witch doctors
Quick processes slip consciousness, you not impressed
Don't ever let me hear you listening to such nonsense
'Cos he is not the best and neither is anybody I met
I talk to vets with a modest respect
I'm a star spangled 850 pound Bengal
Albino teen idol episode got canceled
Canibus, what the fuck happened?
How should I know? I was too busy making that Magik
For the above average Hip Hop addict
Master machinist mechanic
Built the panic room deep in the planet
In 1998, Canibus changed the Hip Hop landscape
All battle rap became fake
Because I was not embraced, even when I switched up the pace
How many mistakes can they make?
As you were, I am the lamb who will eat the hearts of man
The organs sizzle with grease in the pan
The lights dim, I grin, plug the mic in
(Shhh) (There He Is) (Canibus) (It's HIM)
I don't do interviews, I do interludes
Sometimes I spit a rhyme for the inner city schools
I talked about the fiftieth power to fifty dudes
Franklin food for thought, I'm the 'Man on the Moon'
But I'm going through the Hip Hop blues
'Cos every time I turn around there's negative Hip Hop news
I got a super group crew too
We got our own world organization like U2 do
The bars are for you
Fear of a black planet, you panic, you crash landed
You stranded, Canibus on the back of a woolly mammoth
Melantonin Magik mechanics, ten thousand commandments
Metaphors in the form of curiform and Sanskrit
Click ya heels kid, you ain't from Kansas
You talk a lot of shit, and we want some answers
Oh you are from Kansas, I'll spank your antlers
Like Marilyn Manson in a band with Hanson
Going camping with Jack-o'-lantern, rap flow phantom
The handsome ghost of Wacko Jacko dancing
Hands rip 'til pants split
I throw a acrobatic bitch up in the air, she land on my dick
Brainwash brain training, thought form aiming
Hardcore gaming, my ears are failing, the sound is fading
A lot of back and forth pacing, this rap sport is like horse racing
On horses with more legs then normal crustaceans
In God you trust, good luck
God is just another version of Satan, same organization
I brainwash, sandblasting skulls when I sprayed them (Trade 'em)
Chopp Devize and Architect is on the A list
Nigga don't say shit, victory close I can taste it
This is advanced Hip Hop training
by Genius