Damion Jones:

From Holly Brook, To Caravan, Sweetwater, Pottsburg. Niggas a kill you right where u stand. And say a fucking word. 103rd, New Town it’s goes down on Alameda. Grand Park. Durkeville, MixonTown all the way to Cedar in San Marco. Arlington. On Merrill road is where I been, and I got folks from harbor view. And yeah my nigga they done killed a few. Out East, Phoenix Ave, Uncle Wallace house I used to chill in the back. Then we hop in my momma car and hit Atlantic Oaks on Atlantic. That’s where I stayed when I was young, seen a nigga dead at the store. My brother said don’t touch shit, but the next day we came back for mo. That’s how it is, when u live in the ville. From picketville to Murray Hill, Or Sherwood or Paxon or by Jackson and Cedar Hills. Riverside and Post Street. Lackawanna and Brentwood. Spring Park, Emerson Arms, Barnes Road by Englewood. Springfield, 8th Street. Ken Knight, Lonny C, Bruce Park, Avenue B. Dunn Ave, Edgewood, and Panama. Woodstock, West Jax, Moncrief and Ribault. Normandy, Wesconnett, Ortega Farms. Orange Park in another county. But we treat em with open arms. I got love for my city. And I won’t stop it just begun. Cause the shit is just more than rap. It’s deeper than St. John’s. (Repeat 1x)

Welcome to the city

Bert Rd, Casset Ave all the Myrtle Ave, Pearl World, Beachwood, Talleyrand, Baldwin in the middle of the County. Avondale, Southside, Middleberg, even St. John’s County. 45th, Main street, Iona, and Boulevard. MLK, Sin City then white boys will pull ya card. Saint Augustine Rd, in the cut, where niggas will serve everything you want, Cleveland Arms, Or Hill Top, it’s a gang of niggas standing outside, Soutel, or Lem Turner, Hit Gateway on the Northside. 94, Skating Place, was the place for the jits. Club Carousel or Jazzco on Arlington Expressway is where it is. EWC or Tyler St where my cousin was killed in 99
We used to hit up Sammy Dread, Brown bag full of pine
Welcome to my city
by Genius