Uh, the finesse won't be televised
December 4th

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yo, four motors, them habits could get expensive
It's hard to talk numbers with niggas who still domestic
Never academic, keep a tech on the dresser
Struggle every day and never ever seen a [?], man
Keep the money it's the heart that impresses
Under pressure, see I'm pressing for attention
My depression keeps my prestige level
Just dancing, we don't sleep with devil
Romancing, got my foot to the pedal
Hollywood so fake, least I'm good in the ghetto
So many woke ass rappers that's getting slept on
Cos they don't understand that these niggas is living dead wrong
Listening to you is like looking in the mirror
So I just be myself and hope that they can see it clearer
Read between the lines, listen with your eyes

The finesse won't be televised
Gil Scott never lied
Niggas doin' angel dust on the side, my nigga never lied
The bottle got these niggas runnin' dry
Gil Scott never lied
The finesse won't be televised

[Verse 2]
Look, check my sleeve, you can see my heart bleedin'
Love is blind, no wonder you can't see me
I took time man, cos nothing comes easy
Wagyu ain't cheap, either way you're dead meat to me
Dip in the water but nobody here to savour you
Got plenty faith but I don't know who I'm prayin' to
I cringe when I see a rapper with a label do
Let you cook and turn around and try to take the fool
It's hard living by the book when you the authour
You gotta read between the lines if you wanna prosper
Told my sister I'd be famous by the time she graduated
But I'm still up in the crib with my fuckin' momma
Now I gotta charge a budget for a first date
Wait for corny niggas who be fucking up the earth
Stick to the plan, I'll never do a fucking DJ [?], I'll never do a track with Lil Xan
I'll never get a rainbow grille just to be different
Do a vid with red rags, but never been to the city, wait
I look like I'm tech, but it's [?], shit dirty but couldn't be any cleaner though
Pig worthy but you never see it, if you do it be yo last time breathin'

And that murder won't be televised
Gil Scott never lied
by Genius