[Verse 1: NWM Cee Murdaa]
Gettin' money, these choppas hold a hunnid
I peeped his ass walkin', bucked a U, he started runnin'
I caught him climbin' fences, so I ran up on him gunnin'
Four-five lemon squeeze leave a hole in yo' head size as a Funyon
Knock the seeds out his pumpkin, but this ain't the 31st
Boy you thought you caught me lackin', but I up my .30 first
Tee Tee keep hittin' my line like "Let me hold sum 'til the first"
Say she on [?] with three pills and a syringe and now she hurtin'

[Verse 2: 30 Deep Grimeyy]
30 Deep the gang, I'll never change on 'em
[?] out the window when he try to bang on 'em
Caught another goofy walkin', he ain't have a thing on him
Now a stain on him, bitch I got the gang on him
Speak on the gang, play with yo' life, the XD got a beam on it
Double trigger, with the 30 and the lemon squeeze on it
Niggas quick to tease on us, I can't wait to squeeze on it
She sucked my dick, you cuffed that bitch?
She got some head and knees on us
Laws tried to box me in, but Freaky put that wheel on 'em
Dirty Sprite, I'm off them percies, I just spilled some 'Quil on it
Yo' codefendant still jammed, we know you signed that deal on 'em, vice versa, if it was me, I would've put that steel on 'em

[Verse 3: NWM Cee Murdaa]
Niggas snitchin' on they partners, how the fuck y'all still homies?
Call up lil' bro Tee [?]
She fuckin' me then fuck Grimeyy, I bet that bitch was still on us
She fucked the gang, say you a lame, won't even let you feel on Her, and I ain't tryna hit yo' cup if ain't got the seal on it
D gon' barbeque the opps, gon' put they legs and ribs on it
Talkin' shit and now you dead, yo' mama got black heels on her
Shoot up his [?] with no ski mask, put some extra kills on it

[Verse 4: 30 Deep Grimeyy]
Say when they catch me they gon' stretch me
I can't ride without my hammers, fuck margiela's and giuseppe's
Bitch I'm stylin' in these [?]
Come down this one way the wrong way, we gon' split you
Like bananas, fell in love with my nina, cut her off 'cause she kept Jammin', crash dummy back then when get no money
I was scramblin', I put on for that block fuck nigga
Where was yo' antennas? Fuck Saint Nick, we hit them licks
Bitch, we ain't never had no salad, free Bay Bay and Lil' Dberry
D West still off in that slammer

[Verse 5: NWM Cee Murdaa]
This AR got the stock and beam and it got rubber on the handle
Say he want smoke, that's the wrong answer
We gon' smoke him like a candle
30 plus in this XD, don't like my clip, just to be standard
And I always hit the target, I ain't out here shootin' at randoms

[Verse 6: 30 Deep Grimeyy]
Goofies yellin' fuck the 30s, bitch I got this 50 on me
Murdaa just copped a new [?] and it got some titties on it
On the block nickel and dime and I ain't have a penny on me
I got cases pendin' on me, they just ran forensics on me

[Verse 7: NWM Cee Murdaa]
I got the juice I feel like [?], I'm big boss Murdaa, who is you?
Ain't doin' no talkin' or no [?], you must not heard
Shootin' out the roof, Doobie hop out and he through
Laws on my ass I bucked a U, they on my ass I hit the gas
And overpassed [?]

[Verse 8: 30 Deep Grimeyy]
Bitch I'm grimey, extra slimey, like I got some gills on me
Bitch I'm flossy, super saucey, think I need a bib on me
[?] on my back, I got the tracks and Ville on me
I lost my brother, got revenge, them niggas know I'm still on it

[Verse 9: NWM Cee Murdaa]
Murda murda, I be swervin', in a Bentley or Suburban
[?] on yo' block on purpose and I dare yo' ass to serve 'em

[Verse 10: 30 Deep Grimeyy]
Do a drill I up Toyota, hit my mobile, bitch I'm local
I ain't comin' for no Jeep, bitch meet me at the [?] Mobil
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