Cover Image for VADER on tour from January 2018

The Polish death metal group Vader from Olsztyn has announced that from January, 2018 they will be touring all over Europe. During the tour, the band will be presenting “The Empire” – their latest tittle. Also, they will be supporting KREATOR – their label mates, with whom had been together in Asia and Australia for tours. The support of the event will be from DAGOBA – French mettalers.

The Vader’s tour will start from 15 January, 2018 in Lyon (Transbordeur), France. Then it will continue to Lausanne (Docks) in Switzerland (16.01), Bologna (Zona Roveri) (17.01.), Bologna, Italy, Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Greece, Skopje, Sofia (24.01.). The January tour of the famous Polish group and mates will finish in Prague – 28.01.2018. Then, Vader will continue touring from March (Starting in Gothenburg) till 5 th of July, which is their last concert in Revistske Podzamcie, Slovakia.


More about VADER

The Polish band Vader was formed in 1983, found by Piotr Wiwczarek, who was bassist and Zbigniew “Vika” Wróblewski – a guitarist. The group had changed over the years and the only constant member was Wiwczarek. After 2011, the band has Wiwczarek as guitarist and vocal, another guitarist is  Marek “Spider” Pająk, on the bass is  Tomasz “Hal” Halicki and  drummer James Stewart, who is British.

As Vader started as a heavy metal group, they eventually moved into thrast, speed and in the late 1980s, they evolved into a death metal. Their debut album was The Ultimate Incantation (1992). Interesting fact for Vader is that their name was inspired by the Star Wars series.

VADER’s albums and songs

The Ultimate Incantation from (1992) was their debut album. Then, in 1995 came up De Profundis. Two years later, in 1997 showed up Black to the Blind. Next was Litany (2000), Revelations in 2002, The Beast in 2004, in 2006 was Impressions in Blood, three years later came up Necropolis, 2011 – Welcome to the Morbid Reich, Tibi Et Igni (2014) and The Empire in 2016.