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When everyone “talks” about GDPR … 
Keep calm and GDPR!

May 25, 2018, will remain in history as a memorable date for the entire European world. What happened? The Common European Data Protection Regulation came into force or, in short, the GDPR. In this article, we have handpicked a fun and interesting playlist for you to officially welcome GDPR in Bulgaria. Enjoy these “GDPR policy” songs that will enhance your mood by showing you the bright side of the situation

As they say, Keep calm and GDPR …

Table of Contents

1. List of Songs

> Youtube Song List can be found here.

> Spotify Song List can be found here.

2. What actually is GDPR?

It is an abbreviation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Since its introduction across the European Union, the GDPR has brought inconceivable turmoil in all structures; most people have begun to wonder what data we actually call “personal”? And what is not so “personal”? And are we not intruders, sharing our interests and living in social networks?

In general, personal data is that information that can relate to a living individual. In fact, this is all you can think of: names, date of birth, residence, email address, even personal preferences and interests like where sports you do, who you are going out with….

“How have we lived so far without GDPR?” someone can ask, but the answer remains hanging in space.

Restrictions include cookies from every site you visit, and information gathered for marketing researches, strategies, anything you store on your computer and your phone related to other people’s data can be used on a dishonest purpose. And do the personal data also include music song titles that include both names, years, and so on? As it may be expected, but we cannot be completely sure…

3. GDPR Memes

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Nigerian Prince GDPR

dr. House GDPR meme

GDPR meme

GDPR is comming

Say GDPR one more time

GDPR Simpson Wallpaper