Cover Image for Musical icons for Facebook and Twitter (Notes Emoji)

If you want to publish more popular posts and achieve much better engagement of your auditory in the social networks, if you are also a music fan, who loves sharing, or just a person, who likes social media – this article is for you. At least once you’ve had the idea to share a cool song with some appropriate musical icons in the text. Right, but there are no such icons on Facebook. Most of them are too boring and ordinary. How to find the best musical icons for Facebook and Twitter?

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

Which are the most interesting musical icons for Facebook and Twitter? What are their meanings?

Happily, in the world of technology, we can easily just copy the icon (or emoticon) we like and share it with just a couple of clicks.
One of the ways is to copy the icon and paste it on the social network of your choice. Below is the most full and detailed list of interesting and joyful musical icons for social networks, which you can just copy and paste where needed (including on Facebook and Twitter).

♪ = a musical note
♫ = a sound or melody
? – a piano, can also come to say playing the piano
?  – a saxophone
? – a trumpet
?‍? – a male singer ( can also mean that you are singing ).
?‍? – a female singer (same as above, if you are a woman, may mean that you’re singing)
?- a microphone or a karaoke, as an activity can also mean that you are singing or are on a karaoke party
? – headphones (hey, I’m traveling and enjoying the lovely tunes from my player)
? – a violin, playing the violin or to show you are at a concert
? – a guitar or, self explanatory, playing the guitar
? – a G-clef, may be related to all music related terms, including composing music, enjoying a good tune, writing lyrics or notes…

Below is a list of musical icons, related to different buttons. You can use them in a combination with the musical icons already shown above, for better and more engaging messages.

▶ – play
⏩ – fast forward
◀ – replay
⏪ – fast backwards
?- Up button (when selecting a song, album, etc.)
⏫  – scrolling upwards
?- Down button (when selecting a song, album, etc.)
⏬  – scrolling downwards
⏹ – Stop button (can be used in a combination with different music icons)
⏏ Eject Button

With this vast variety of musical icons you can also demonstrate different activities. You can try unlimited combinations, for example see the ones below. If you want to express love or another feeling/activity, just add < and 3. In this way you will get a heart icon automatically. When typing, it should look like <3, after you press the Space button, this should turn into a heart icon.

<3 ♪- means I love music! To get this, you can copy the Note icon from the list above and add the combination of < and 3.
? ? – I love guitars or the sound of guitars.
?? – I love singing.
I ?? ? – I love singing at home.
? ? ? ? – You’re  enjoying music

All combinations are possible. You do not even need to add any text. You can just copy the appropriate icons, build a combination and it will say everything! Is not this the best language? The best alphabet? Just like music – it is a universal way to communicate. Because, sometimes, the words are the things that make controversy in communication.

? ? ◄ – Your icons on Facebook or Twitter will look like this. To get them, just copy and paste from this article and the lists above. It is easy, is not it? And the effect is touching!

P.S. You should know that with these icons you will get higher interest from the audience towards the things you’re sharing. This is a lovely and pretty easy strategy!