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Do you consider yourself as a music geek? Do you know some unknown facts about your favorite bands? You can now impress your friends with a bunch of completely random, bizarre and, yet, very intriguing factoids.

Feel free to use them for the next family Christmas quiz! We combined all this information in well designed infographic, that you can easily print or share.

Music facts infographic

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1 The louder bar music makes you drink more alcohol and notably cuts the time it takes you to empty your glass

According to some French researchers, the louder music encourages us to drink more alcoholic drinks. For comparison, a man finishes a pint of beer for about 15 minutes with soft music; however, he needs only 12 minutes while listening to loud music.

2. Your brain is freeing DOPAMINE (the feel-good chemical) while listening to music you like

We usually get goosebumps when listening to music, mainly because our brain is releasing dopamine (the feel-good chemical) while preparing for the peak moment of a song.

3. It is scientifically proven that flowers are growing faster by listening to music

Researches have shown that music is stimulating the plant growth. However, they do not distinguish between music and random sounds. In fact, the vibrations that are coming from sound waves seem to boost the growth process.

4. Every single minute there are 12 hours of music that have been uploaded to Soundcloud

Up to date, Soundcloud is the fastest growing music and podcast streaming platform. There are 12 hours of music in tracks that have been synced to Soundcloud every minute.

5. The Beastie Boys’ name is an abbreviation for Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence

Have you ever thought what the “beastie” in the American rap band “Beastie Boys” is meant to stand for? The answer is not that simple – Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence.

6. The Beatles used to be named “The Quarrymen” before they hit it big

This is something that just the biggest and truest fans of The Beatles might know. They were named “The Quarrymen”, then “Johnny and the Moondogs”, then “The Silver Beetles” before agreeing on The Beatles and hitting it big.

7. A Stradivarius viola, the world’s most expensive musical instrument, was sold for US$ 15.9 million in 2011

The world’s most pricey musical instrument – a Stradivarius viola, was sold in 2011 for US$ 15.9 million. It is the lightly larger and deeper-toned relative of the violin.

8. The clichéd song “Happy Birthday to You” was initially meant to be “Good Morning to You”

The song “Happy Birthday to You”, also known as “Happy birthday” is the most recognized song in English, according to the Guinness World Records from 1998.
However, there is an unknown fact related to the song’s name – it was initially planned to be “Good Morning to You”.

9. The longest national anthem in the entire world is the Greek one – the colossal 158 verses!

Greece can brag with tons of different world records – the first Olympic games, the first horse race, and also the longest national anthem in the world. Honestly speaking, we doubt anyone has ever made it to the end.

10. Bono from U2 got his stage name from a hearing aid shop in Central Dublin

Bono, the legendary U2’s frontman, got his stage name from a hearing aid shop in Dublin, named Bonavox. Yes, that’s true! However, it still unclear where the lead guitarist of the band – The Edge got his name from…

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