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Just like food and drinks, music is also another crucial item for any event. However, since everybody enjoys a particular type of music, it can be daunting for event planners to select the right kind of entertainment that will resonate with the needs of all their guests.

When it comes to corporate events, most organizers prefer live bands since they are somehow formal and are known to set the right mood. However, the bugging question is how to choose the best live band that will leave your clients and guests yearning for more. Whether it as an end of year party, awards, event or milestone celebration, having entertainment that appeals to audiences of all demographics is what will make or break your corporate gig. This write-up discusses a few tips that can help you select the best live band for your occasion.

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Consider the purpose and goal of your event

The first step to determining the type of band you need in your corporate event is to know what you intend to achieve. Is your event meant for networking? Is it an opportunity for your company to impress investors or a chance for you to communicate the corporate culture and encourage teamwork? To get answers to these questions, event planners need to involve all stakeholders in an organization. And once they have a clear goal of what they want to achieve they can now start brainstorming for ideas. If you’re going to set an excellent mood for interaction, purely instrumental bands are a safe bet, but if you want to bring the feel-good factor, high energy acts won’t disappoint.


Factor in the size of the audience

While it may be daunting to know the exact number of people attending your event, you can use data from previous gigs to estimate the size of the crowd to expect. Since certain live bands are suitable for smaller groups while others for large audiences, knowing the estimated number of guests you expect beforehand can help you select the right entertainment for your corporate event.

Talk to agencies that manage live bands for corporate events

Working with an agency will not only minimize the risks of bands canceling at the last minute but also saves you the time and energy you would spend searching for the right band among the thousands of music groups out there. Additionally, you can leverage the experience of these agencies to get outstanding music groups that fit your event’s profile. They might even lead you to websites such as where you can find the hottest bands in the market.


Determine how much you are willing to spend

While most people consider the budget as the first thing before deciding the right live band to choose for an event, it would be futile to do so before knowing the purpose and the estimated guests attending the event. Nevertheless, once you determine the goal of your corporate event and approximate number of guests you expect, you can decide the amount of money you are willing to chuck out.

Take the age of the guests into account

If you are hosting a family-friendly event, you should choose a band with a style of play that appeals to the vast majority. While only a few companies invite children to their parties, the type of entertainment you select should create the perfect atmosphere for all kinds of guests ranging from kids and teenagers to youthful employees and elderly professionals, if they are present.

While planning a corporate event involves many aspects, choosing the right entertainment is as important as deciding the type of food to be served. However, getting the best music group to perform at your event should not be a matter of the organizer’s taste and preferences but a culmination of the intuitive tips discussed in this article. Determine your goal, the number of guests you expect and their age, the budget, and if possible seek assistance from reputable agencies, and who knows you might make your next corporate bash the talk of the town.