Cover Image for Creates a Unique Interactive Music Map

We, the whole team behind, are super happy to announce that the one-of-a-kind interactive Music word map that we have been working on for the past year, is about to be launched so we can all enjoy it!

The map consists of the top 10 most typical songs for each country across the globe.

interactive music map

Our initial aim was to create a visually descriptive and engaging design that would help people understand different cultures and their musical preferences. Besides, we are aware of the fact that, unfortunately, while music lovers across the globe have had their share of good music, lots of other people have not been given the opportunity to freely express themselves and listen to the best songs in their own country.

Our interactive map is very user-friendly – all you’ll have to do it to go to the map, click on a specific country and then a panel of the 10-song playlist will open up (including Youtube videos to watch and listen to every track). How cool is that! We are buzzing! 🙂

Also, we’d be really happy and extremely grateful if you help us spread the news about our new feature – the Music World Map. In that way, you inspire us to continue creating great stuff. Cheers!  🙂