Cover Image for 15 + Less Known Facts about Dua Lipa that Will Blow Your Mind

Up to date, Dua Lipa is a British-Kosovan platinum singer, songwriter, and model. The entire world is going crazy with her unprecedented hits such as “Be the one”, “IDGAF”, “New rules”, and many more. However, there is a bunch of less known facts about Dua Lipa we are dying to share with you. So, let’s dig in!

1. As Dua Lipa is a songwriter, there is just one song in her debut album she hasn’t written herself, and this is “Be the one”. However, in an interview she shares that’s one of her most favorite tracks.

2. She defines her style as “dark pop”.
3. Translated from Albanian, her first name Dua means “love”.
4. When she was 11, the leading teacher of the choir she joined told her she couldn’t sing as her voice was too low….imagine!?
5. Dua Lipa has been on and off relationship with the British chef Isaak Carew (you can witness tons of pictures of them in her Insta).

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6. Thanks to her perfect model body measurements, Dua has been modeling in London, Milan, Paris, Miami, and New York. She did quit modeling in the mid-2000s as she wanted to focus on her singing career.
7. Dua inherited her singing talents from her dad – Dukagjin Lipa who’s a famous Kosovan rock star.
8. The “Electricity” singer is crazy about tattoos and she currently has seven. However, they are all quite minimalistic so you cannot really see it.
9. Her career began uploading some celebrity covers to Youtube.10. She revealed her all-time favorite singers are Pink and Nelly Furtado.

10. Recently, Dua Lipa shared in an interview that her celebrity crush is Robbie Williams.
11. The “New rules” singer is an expert in spelling (ask her to spell “rhythm” then).
12. In London, Dua went to the same high-school Amy Winehouse attended. Its name is Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone.

13. Last summer, Dua’s “One kiss” with Calvin Haris became No. 1 on two dance/electronic charts.

14. When her parents moved back to Kosovo in 2008, she left home and went back to London at age of 15. She worked hard as a waitress. Dua revealed this experience is what really made her grow up before her time.
15. Her most favorite drink is red wine (that’s the first thing she orders when entering a bar).
16. The movie that made her laugh the most is… (wait for it)….Zoolander.
17. Dua Lipa is being 100% herself. Besides, she’s in the social media most of the time to be in contact with her fans.
18. Along with her dad, she’s a founder of the Sunny Hill Foundation, created to benefit the people of Kosovo.

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