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Charming and talented, Adria Dinev felt in love with music when she was only four. Growing up with the sounds of famous stars like Cher, Queen, Whitney Houston and others, Adria discovered that music is her vocation. At the age of thirteen, she started to study singing and playing the piano. She was determined to follow her dream, no matter what. Adria graduated the National Music School “Lubomir Pipkov” in Sofia and then she left Bulgaria to study music in London.

 Adria Dinev Concert

Adria Dinev: “Music – this is my world! Music is love!”

From the long journey from home to the fulfillment of her great dream, the everyday challenges and the strong desire to create, Adriana Dineva – a singer, an actress, a lyricist, and a very positive person, shares with us some personal thoughts…

*Q: Is there a certain event or memory, which you remember as the reason for choosing music and art as your profession? (tell us more about that).

A.D. :  Interesting question…  I think I have too many events and memories, which I connect with my choice to do music and be an artist. Actually, I am making that choice every single day… But I can share with you the earliest memory I have: I was four and I had a performance in the Kindergarten. I had the main role – I was “The Spring”, which brings joy and love to the others. I remember the tingly and riotous emotion that I felt during the play. After that, everyone broke into applause, I was so happy and I knew that I want to do this: this, and only this! Unfortunately, it took me some time to explain my parents that this is my way. After a while, they supported me fully.
((Also, at that moment there, I pressed a piano key for the first time. I remember this as if it was yesterday. Ha-ha, a very funny story.))

*Q: You live and work in London. What is different, when you are a foreigner and are doing music there? What obstacles you faced and how they changed you?

A.D. : London and me have a very special connection. It’s something like a “love-hate relationship”. The more I love this place, the more I can’t stand it. It is an amazing city. So vibrant. The perfect place for a workaholic. Ha-ha. London can give you many opportunities, but also you will face great challenges. Challenges happen very often in life, but the balance must be found.
I like how this metropolitan city is the home of many people from different countries and cultures, who make London so colorful and unique. I think this is a very important thing, which helps the artist to grow. I have the great opportunity to work with amazing professionals from all over the world, which I think is a big advantage. Their lives, stories, travelling – all these inspire me. I am learning a lot from them, they are doing the same from me. It’s just incredible!
Here, in London, everyone can express himself, to be what he or she wants to be.
Freedom of expression through music, art or fashion is simply unique. As a very expressive person, this is very important for me.
I love challenges – they help us to learn and grow. The biggest challenge for me was to come here, at first. I wanted it so much and I did it just like that – all alone, without excessive thinking and planning it. The cultural shock, looking for a job, finding the right place to stay, following the dreams, while you are fighting with life… and so on and so on… it was the biggest change for me. And I don’t know many foreigners who have not had such problems, when they arrived here.
The truth is that I missed my family and friends in Bulgaria a lot. The emotional emptiness, which I felt, was beyond words. But as an artist, I put all this emotion into one of my songs – “You should know”. It took me almost a year to finish the song accurately. This change helped me to be more independent and confrontational. I got to know myself and started to love myself more and more. Now I appreciate higher the time spent with my family and beloved contacts.

Q:  Do you feel appreciated as an artist?

A.D. : Yes! I’m constantly pushing myself to be more and more creative! One of my professors told me on one occasion that it is most important for you to be yourself as an artist and not to be too demanding to yourself, but to accept art as a long way or as your child which grows and changes continuously. I guess I said it to myself because I, as an extremely self-critical artist, sometimes do not even finish my projects, because they are not good enough or not perfect, as I would fancy. I also have the bad custom of returning to an already completed project and thinking how to “fix” it to be “superior”. I think this is happening to many artists and I sincerely hope to put an end of this habit.

В: What did help you to success?

A.D. : I don’t think I am successful yet… I still have a lot of things to learn and to grow. I don’t think that one life would be enough! 🙂

Q: What inspires you? Where do you get ideas for lyrics, music …? What is that inspires you to create?

A.D. : Real emotions. Mine, my friends’ and family’s emotions; emotions of people that I get together with every day, even emotions from movies. It is important to feel the emotions. Sometimes it happens without preparation – I just sit and write, and write…

Q: What do you dream of?

A.D. : Of the stage. For a variety of projects. For development and prosperity.

Q:  How do you spend your free time (if you have any :)?

A.D. : If I have such, I teach, train, spend time with friends, family and travel! Sometimes I get some sleep!

Q: What do you plan for the near future?

A.D. : New projects.

Q: Which performer would you like to sing with in a duet?

A.D. : So many! I am always ready to cooperate with a variety of artists and performers.

Q: Have you ever thought of going back to Bulgaria and doing music here?

A.D. : I had not thought about it until now … This subject makes me think, but for this exact moment I do not know. We will see.

Q: What are you working on now? Tell us about your newest piece.

A.D. : I’m working on several projects that are not mine, at all. Unfortunately, my personal piece I’m working on is a bit behind the schedule. I hope I will soon have time to spend some time on it because I think it’s a lot of fun. A rock song – pretty gentle, lyrical and even sad … but only at the beginning. Then it becomes quite strong, rebellious and wild. The piece was inspired by a former boss, whom I trusted a lot, but unfortunately undeservedly.
Consequently, in order not to lose my full respect for him, I decided it was best to leave. But I wish I had finished the song before I left and make a show, sing and play rebelliously as Pink would do in one of her videos. Yeah! Great idea for a Video Clip! Haha.

The team of wishes Adriana Dinev professional success, happiness and motivation and to keep her smile and positivity!