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Bachata is a romantic Latino dance performed in a pair on suitable music – the so-called Bachata songs. To dance the Bachata can be a very enjoyable experience if it is combined with pleasant music and a good partner. This playlist of the 70 most romantic Bachata songs will create a lovely feeling of tranquillity and romance. With them, you will easily learn the movements of the Bachata dance.

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70 of the most Romantic Bachata songs

  1. Nina de mi Corazon – Karlos Rose
  2. Mi Santa – Romeo Santos
  3. Solo Por Un Beso – Aventura
  4. Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu – Toby Love
  5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Leslie Grace
  6. Corazon Sin Car –  Prince Royce
  7.  Perdidos – Monchy y Alexandra
  8.  Despacito  – Luis Miguel del Amargue
  9. Someone Like You – Pedro Gonzalez
  10. Mil Lagrimas – Voz A Voz
  11. Bailando Bachata – Ivan Venot
  12. Se Me Escapo – Edgar Lopez
  13. I Need Your Love –  Jhom Martinez
  14. Te Comparo Con la Luna – Evidence
  15. Amame o Dejame – Marta Falcone, Dj Juan Gonzales
  16. Mujer Perdoname – Carlitos Swing, Dj Mantequilla
  17. Amanecer Contigo (feat. DJ Abdel) –  En Duo, H&l Bachilao
  18. Tanta Necesidad – Alexandra La Reina De La Bachata
  19. Una Cabana (feat. Gino DJ) – Yasmina
  20. Besame Otra Vez (feat. Edgar Lopez) – Indhira
  21. Por Pensar en Ti (feat. DJ Lorenzo) – Cespedes
  22. La Encotrare (feat. DJ Chico Moreno) – El Patron
  23. Asi Es Que Hoy (feat. DJ Max Mora) – Virginia

Is there any difference between Bachata and salsa?

Yes! Let’s see the difference. Salsa includes 3 steps (2 fast steps and a slow one, the so-called “pause”). There are different variations of the dance, according to the beat on which beat to start the movements. The options are two – starting on the “one” (this is the traditional and popular performance style in Los Angeles) or on the “two” as it is in New York. In other words, your first salsa step can start on the first beat – the strong one, or on the second beat. Other than that, the steps in both performance styles are similar.

If it is not clear yet, see the video. It will help.

When performing the Bachata, the knees are almost stuck together to create a movement from the hips.

The Bachata dance allows can easily be performed in different types of distance between dancing partners: a distant grip (in the salsa), a medium to moderate or even close contact. The most preferred grip is the close one, because of the specific nature of the dance (it is not a coincidence that the Bachata is called the “dance of love”).

The musical rhythm of the salsa is 4/4, resembling the one of the meringue dance. The Bachata has a more syncopated rhythm, also known as “clave”. The latest, modern Bachata contains different styles, so it’s not a twist of fate to find a mix of salsa, electric sounds and also other suitable types of Latin sounds. Among the most popular Bachata artists, we can mention Luis Vargas, Aventura, Prince Royce, Juan Luis Guerra, and Xtreme.
Another significant difference between the salsa and the Bachata is that the salsa rhythm, music, and choreography are faster, sharper, with unexpected twists. In the Bachata everything is like it works in a love game: very intimate, emotional, relaxing experience.

How to dance the Bachata?

Bachata is an exciting dance involving close contact with the partner. The movements are actioned in four tacts, the movement from the hips occurs at the last tact (as shown in the video).

The man puts his right hand on the shoulder of the woman, during the performance of the dance, his hands move in a grip similar to the ball dancing (imagine that they form the letter “V”).

The men start the movements in the Bachata with their left foot and the ladies – with the right. Their movements are reflex. The dancers perform their movements simultaneously, only with the opposite foot.
The key moves in the Bachata are easy because the dance itself is not heavily structured. With the basic steps, you can move almost anywhere as long as you have the physical space needed.

Perhaps the ease to dance, the lack of a set of strict rules and the inspirational music make the Bachata a true romantic dance suitable for a wedding, a romantic evening or another exciting event.

More Bachata songs to make us move around:

24. Ramon Torres – “Tus Cartas Llegan”

25. Juan Luis Guerra – ¨Bachata Rosa¨

26. Hector Acosta El Torito – “Si tu estuvieras”

27. Anthony Santos – ¨Por mi timidez¨

28. Romeo Santos – “Propuesta Indecente”

29. Raulín Rodríguez – “Esta noche”

30. Juan Luis Guerra – ¨Tus Besos¨

31. Prince Royce – “Incondicional”

32. Romeo Santos – “Eres mía”

33. Héctor Acosta El Torito – “Perdóname la vida”

  1. Zacarias Ferreira – “Si Pudiera”

  2. Ramón Torres – “De Higuey a la Capital”

36. Enrique Iglesias ft. Romeo Santos – “Loco”

  1. Romeo Santos – “Cancioncitas de Amor”

  2. Anthony Santos – “Creíste”

39. Prince Royce – “Las cosas pequeñas”

40. Héctor Acosta El Torito – “Cómo te olvido”

42. Frank Reyes – “Ya te Olvide”

43. Joe Veras – ¨De Mexico a California¨

44. Romeo Santos – “Propuesta Indecente”

45. Zacarias Ferreira – “La Mejor de Todas”

46. Yoskar Garante – “Guitarra”

47. Anthony Santos – “Me enamore”

48. Héctor Acosta El Torito – “No moriré”

49. Prince Royce – “Te robaré”

50. Anthony Santos – “Sólo te amo”

51. Hector Acosta El Torito – “Tu Veneno”

  1. Toby Love – “Lejos”

53. Anthony Santos – “Vete y aléjate de mi”

54. Maná ft. Prince Royce – “El Verdadero Amor Perdona”

  1. Yoskar Sarante – “Vale la pena”

56. Thalia ft. Price Royce – “Te Perdiste mi Amor”

57. Eli Jas – “Tu me Haces Volar”

58. Zacarías Ferreira – “Me Ilusioné”

  1. Raulín Rodríguez – “Como serás tú”

  2. Joe Veras – “Intentalo tú”

  3. Héctor Acosta El Torito – “Uno quiere pa que lo quieran”

62. Yoskar Garante – “Llora alma mía”

63. Enrique Iglesias y Juan Luis Guerra – “Cuando me Enamoro”

  1. Frank Reyes – “Que fue lo que me diste”

65. Raulín Rodríguez – “Medicina de Amor”

66. Tito el Bambino – “El gran Perdedor”

67. Joe Veras – “El hombre de tu vida”

  1. JC – ¨Donde quiera que estés”

69. Prince Royce – “El Amor que Perdimos”

70. Joe Veras – “Que se mueran de envidia”

let's dance bachata

Remember that the Bachata leads you. Steps and movements vary quite a lot, depending on the music and the style of the dance. The important thing is to enjoy! Just have fun, let the music lead you and feel the rhythm of the Bachata.