The decent soundproofing is a huge undertaking but positively possible if you have the time, budget, and know-how.

that's why we have prepared this article to help those of you who are planning to do their own DIY soundproofing. Time is money and you are risking to invest loads of time (and cash) in ineffective techniques and inefficient soundproof material.

In order to minimize this risk read our list of myths that you have to stop believing this minute!

MYTH 1: The soundproofing and sound absorption are identical!

They are, in fact, pretty much different things! Let us clear this up for you!

From one side, the sound absorption applies sound dampening methods and materials to enhance the sound in a particular room, such as a theater or recording studio.

On the other side, soundproofing is used to keep a sound inside a room – or to keep the outdoor noises to come inside a particular room. This alternative is often used in larger homes, basement suites or offices where confidentiality or a quiet, calm work environment are wanted.

MYTH 2: The tall bookshelves are a great DIY soundproofing approach

Even though the tall bookshelves add a particular charm to every space, you are surely not going to accomplish soundproofing through this means.

MYTH 3: The soundproof paint is very effective

Soundproof paint ensures to dampen sound, however, it doesn't really work because the paint is very thin. Moreover, its thinness and lack of absorbing anything on the lower or higher end of the sound spectrum, it is an inefficient choice. Further, the soundproofing paint is being offered in only a few colors and is quite costly for a material that offers a little sound decrease.

MYTH 4: The acoustic wall panels are able to arrest noise transfer

This is the third myth you should stop believing right now!

The simple acoustic panels on the walls definitely provide some level of soundproofing, however, alone they are not enough to block noise from entering inside the room.

Look for the right help

In the end, don't risk to spend money on something that won't work. There are several experts doing work in this field and many of them can be reached online (via blogs or the contact form on their official website). Further, there are many youtube vlogs about successful soundproofing techniques you can watch (we will make sure to share some of them with you in some of our next articles). Simply type "Acoustics" or "Soundproof experts" in Google.

We'll SOON be back with more DOs and DON'Ts about the DIY soundproofing! 🙂 be continued... 

Myths About Soundproofing a Room - Part 1
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