I think you've just about lost, your sense of self,

Your foundations are crumbling down

I told you so, told you so

Don't be the one to say you know what's right

I told you so, told you so

Don't be the one to say you know my heart

Don't be torn from your roots, you won't live in this pursuit

You won't survive above this ground,

It won't be long until you're home bound

Stop pretending

Drawing the lines you're not concerned about me,

I'm losing confidence, why do you show no mercy [2x]

These branches are burning, these branches won't pull me down,

Back to the ground, where I am standing, safe and sound

Who are you, to tell us who we are

Who are you, you're a fiend, you're a liar,

And I will summon the hands of a fighter,

And you will know, who we are [4x]

You say you know who I am, you'll only bring me down,

You'll only bring me down, you left me cold at home,

To fight the foundation and the walls are crumbling down [2x]

Woe, Is Me - If Not, For Ourselves - lyrics

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