Like a candle

Burning bright

Love is glowing in your eyes

A flame to light our way

That burns brighter everyday

But now I have you

Nobody loves me like you do

Like a leaf

Upon the wind

I could find a place to land

I dream the hours away

And wonder everyday

Do dreams come true

Nobody loves me like you do


What if I never met you

Where would I be right now

Funny how life just falls in place somehow

Oh you touched my heart in places

That I never even knew

'Cause nobody loves me like you do

Mm I was words without a tune

I was a song still unsung

Poem with no rhyme

A dancer out of time

But now there's you

Nobody loves me like you do


Nobody loves me

Nobody loves me like you do

Nobody loves me like you do

Whitney Houston - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do ft (Jermaine Jackson) - lyrics

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