From hospitals to honesty and everything you need of me, I'll be there

If this was your last chance to say what you needed to and give them every thought in a verse.

Could you stomach the hurt?

Could you stomach the healing word?

From hospitals to honesty and everything that you need of me, I'll be there

My inspiration, My guidance, My home

We think of you with love and speak of you with pride,

Does your heart pull on your throat like mine?

I will try to live without you by my side,

I will look up to the stars, so you will forever see, the best part of you still lives in me,

The north stands for nothing, the true and the trusting,

The east's everlasting, the cracked and the rusting,

The south is the salt that will seal your sores,

The west is the weakness, the strength to defeat us.

The time took for granted, the before and the after,

For question and your answers, our courage, our cancer.

While she sleeps-Our courage, Our cancer - lyrics

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