[Verse 1: Chris Brown]

There can be one only you

And baby, God could never make two

And I know you came here with your crew

But I promise you that it feels like it's just us two

[Pre-hook: Chris Brown]

Oh, I don't know what you had planned to do tonight

But I just wanna be the one to do you right

We're standing here looking at each other, baby, eye to eye

And I'm hoping that you're thinking about leaving with me tonight

[Hook: Chris Brown]

Who said you can't find love in a club?

Cause I wanna tell them they wrong

Come on, just baby, try a new thing

And let's spark a new flame

You gon' be my baby

Love me, love you crazy

Tell me if you with it

Baby, come and get it

Maybe try a new thing

And let's spark a new flame

[Verse 2: Usher]

I can't believe you came here all alone, baby girl, where's your lover?

Oh, it don't really matter cause I got ways to get to know you better

Baby, baby, baby, baby, let's make what we got here last forever

Girl, cause I don't wanna let you go, never

[Pre-hook: Usher]

[Hook: Chris Brown & Usher]

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]

Homeplate, world series, sour nigga sliding in her

Baby, I'm a boss, I'm talking George Steinbrenner

Panamera, Yogi Berra, my two-seater Derek Jeter

Got more stripes than all these niggas

Babe Ruth balling in a Beamer

Collar on my Polo, kisses on my necklace

All my diamonds watching, now my watches getting jealous

Smoking on a bomb in my autograph LeBron's

Yeah, she told me I'm the one, that's when I only hit it once

Usher, Chris Brown - New Flame - lyrics

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