Uh yea bitch I'm ballin, bitch I'm balling

Betchu nigga, he ain't balling (like me)

Yea, bitches choosing and they calling

Cause I'm balling said they wanna fuck a nigga (like me)

And my niggas paid, they ain't never gotta pay (like me)

Yea bitch I'm ballin, bitch I'm balling

Betchu nigga, he ain't balling (like me)

Uh, tyga strike, rally paint

I'm the shit, bitch let it stink (let it stink)

Rinse your eyes with my holy water, I ain't gone take her

I know that's his only daughter, nigga whatchu thinkin?

This that big bang rapper ballin, huh

I don't even drink, but she alcoholic

Baby sip it til it's gone (yea I know it)

Uh, cash like coke, bitches gotta blow it.

So put your number on this paper, I promise I'll call

No, I can't called bitch I'm lying, I don't use my phone, shit

Shit is on silence all day long

I don't need no interruption when I'm makin you moan

Early morn, wake up, then you yawn

Breakfast in bed, waffles and a little head, Roscoe's

Chickens and waffles instead, and right back to this balling shit

Cause I'm ballin, bitch


Uh, hotel suite, presidential

Fuck you bitchin whatchu been thru

I got two doors homie, one side for my clothes

Another side for my big shoes

Now that's ballin, don't think that's ballin?

Motherfucker how would you know it, if you've never done it

I turned my engine on loud, wake the neighbor, honey

Life like chocolate when you getting money

Rain, rain dollar bills in my dreams

Bitches fighting for me like it's Jerry Spring'

But is the summer, winter, they fallin for me

Colder than a coca cola polar, 7 degrees

You know you watch t.v, seperate your mind, please

If you're the bomb bitch, why you tryna tick with me

Remove your top, time to pop

She said she like it rough, so I beat it up, pussy punch


King lazareth, living on that lavish shit [?]

Lose your mind, lose your sense

Pay attention, yea you feeling me

Fill my cup high as trees, relax feel the breeze

All jokes aside, got a mistress on the side

If you ridin for me then you gone ride or die

Ruff Ryder Volume 2 my love

If you wanna party, got a party bus

Capacity us, full moon, brandy glass

So loosen your Gucci baby, lemme spank that ass

Taste so good, blue berry rasp

Berry berry cherry, whip cream on that twat

You can applaud that, terminator, I'll be right back

Say my name, Tyga man, screaming so loud, like I know you can


Sound so good; make ya wanna slap your mama

Young money, Tyga Tyga, nigga

Tyga - Like Me - lyrics

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