Blinding darkness surrounds me

and I am reaching for you only

this hopelessness that drowns

all that I believe

will be the one thing that I need

for you only.

there's a hunger it's slowly growing

chasing shadows but never knowing

if all that I have done

is keeping me from you

than can the arms of mercy bring the rescue

to return to you

but I'm so far

but I'm so far

But I'm so far

so far from home

so far from home

keep on running,

farther, faster

and keep on searching

for this haunting has an answer

and I know you will find me in orbit

for I am breathing only for this

for you only

for you only

for you

but I'm so far

But I'm so far

but I'm so far

so far from home

so far from home, yeah

I am so far, so far

so far from home.

so far from home

Trading Yesterday - Only For You - lyrics

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