Bed, stay in bed

The feeling of your skin locked in my head

Smoke, smoke me broke

I don't care I'm down for what you want


Day drunk into the night, wanna keep you here

Cause you dry my tears

Summer lovin' and fights, how it is for us

And it's all because

[Chorus x2:]

Now if we're talking body

You got a perfect one so put it on me

Swear it won't take you long

If you love me right, we fuck for life

On and on and on

Love, give me love

Anything you want I'll give it up

Lips, lips I kiss

Bite me while I taste your finger tips


[Chorus x2]



Oh baby making bodies we just use for fun


Let's use 'em up 'til every little piece is gone

On and on and on (Let's go)

On and on (Let's go)

[Chorus x3]

Tove Lo - Talking Body - lyrics

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