Look at my horse,my horse is amazing

Jump on a few times

And you can tame him!

so yeah we got a horse or two

But be careful now or you'll get Buckaroo

hay , bread , sugar ,wheat and golden carrot

That a lot of food,got' need a donkey to carry it

new clay for days, fix lava decay

Black charcoal block,lapis lazuli-yeah

mobs on water,new horse armor

don't spill your drink on my carpet floor yeah

tell me what is worth

Cuz only fools and horses work

It's a blocky world

Gonna jump right in and find what i've heard

Gonna lead my steed into the sunset

A new adventure now not gonna regret

This world awaits for a hero to be born

a hero to be born

a hero to be born

a hero to be born

ThuxCuy-Minecraft 1.6.2 song - lyrics

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