"There's a Ghost"

There’s a ghost she’s wearing my face

At parties, bein’ introduced with my name

Just a skeleton of bones

Wearing nothin’ but clothes

And she is paralyzing

The human soul is a treacherous place

Beneath the mask

We wear a dark and twisted labyrinth lace

Secrets often closed its close

Never surface while we keep composed

Come out of hiding

There’s a sound, its haunting my dreams

Like children laughing in the distance

And I don’t know what it means

Am I afraid to be alone

That nobody will ever know

This death I’m dying

There’s a heartbeat under my floor boards

Charging me guilty

And I don’t know what for

There’s a black bird over my door

Singing ‘Nevermore, Nevermore, Nevermore, Nevermore’

There's a Ghost - lyrics

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