I usually love sleeping all alone

This time around bring your friend with you

But we ain't really going to sleep at all

You ain't gonna catch me with them sneak pictures

In my city I'm a young god

That pussy kill be so vicious

My god white, he in my pocket

Get me redder than the devil 'til I go nauseous


Ask me if I do this every day, I said "Often"

Ask how many times she rode the wave, "Not so often"

Bitches down to do it either way, often

Baby I can make that pussy rain, often

Often, often, girl I do this often

Make that pussy poppin', do it how I want it

Often, often, girl I do this often

Make that pussy poppin', do it how I want it


Infatuated by the fame status

She wanna ride inside the G-Class Grain, matted

I come around, she leave that nigga like he ain't matter

That girl been drinkin' all day, need to change bladder

She's just happy that the crew's back in town

She's 'bout to go downtown for a whole hour

If I had her, you can have her, man it don't matter

I'm never sour, I'm just smokin' somethin' much louder


Oooh, the sun's risin' up

The night's almost up

The night's almost done

But I see your eyes

You wanna go again

Girl, I'll go again

Girl, I'll go again


The weeknd - Often - lyrics

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