[2pac First verse]

When I enter the first zone

Worst known mic holder

My Hummer roll up

Evacuating strapped soldiers

Inside strategy

Manifestin' military styles

Casually try da g

When niggas battle me

My prophesied prediction

Switch and move positions

Separated from his gun and bitch

And watch 'em start snitchin'

I keep spittin' still stupid niggas fail to listen

I personify this thug livin'

Hell or prison

My ammunition varies

My voice carries

Watch me invite the whole world

Me and the mob gettin' married

It seems all the fine screams pierce the dark

This is expected

A trick bitch where is your heart

You mark

Watch niggas fall when I call they name

We outlaws hold your head niggas all the same

Except some who want more out of life than stress

We still thuggin' 'til its none left

[Chorus Big Pun]

"Thug Nigga" Keeping it blood my people is bugged

Heat you with slugs hundred deep in the club

"Big Poppa" ? Pun

We're warriors from goriest and the most notorious slums

"Corleone" Thugs in the heart we bug from the start

Rugged and smart anyone who want it fuck it lets mob

"When the punisher ready" Just rest

Learnt from ts from god flesh

[Notorious b.i.g. verse two]

Frank White the Desperado

Used to rock the all-black Movado

The all-black El Dorado

All that and a bottle of Dom P

Niggas can't harm me

I keep the army

Is Brooklyn in the house

Without a doubt

I'm the rapper with clout everybody yap about

Check it out

Guns, I bust em

Problems with my wife

Don't discuss em

Coupes and Learjets

I lust them

Finger prints

I dust them

Recent address

Stuck you for your stash in your pissy mattress

Your Mom's an actress

Didn't wanna show me the safe

It's okay, she was old anyway

I display, Hot 97 rhyme-ready

Cocked Mac-11, line steady

Like Tevin Campbell

I'm Ready

To do what I do

Continuously to get money


[Big L verse three]

When I cruise through the ghetto I drive slow

I'm quick to buck a duck and I don't give a fuck about 5-0

A hard core life I toast to ex flaw

Therefore I live raw and went to war wit the law

My only picture was a mug shot slugs were thugs got pot

Get swellin hops from sellin tops to the drugs spot

G's was clocked fat knots was in the socks

And cops who tried to stop shop got knocked when I popped the Glock

Shit was ran right by me and my man Mike

Cause I choose to use a gun don't mean that I can't fight

Cause we put the guns down and go one round

Wit the hands but man I ain't the one, you'll get done clown

I can inverse my style, cause I'm versatile

Quick to burst a child I'm livin worse than foul

I pack two techs in case ya crew flex

I wet up the set in a second yell whos next

To feel the wrath of a psychopath shoots it up like Shaft

Turn ya staff into a blood bath to laugh

You'll get smashed like a deli snack, you softer than jelly jack

I attack in black wit a gat and a skully hat


[Big Pun verse four]

No doubt I'm from the X and I seen it all

Shorties wit dreams of playin ball for Seton Hall turnin fiends a full

From Meda ward to Sacuon the same sad song

Is bein sung, its like gimmie a gun and I'm back on

Joey Crack, Pun, TS, Bronx regulators

Stomp little niggas to death for tryin to imitate us

Yall could neva see us, be us, TS, kill da bs

Cause Pun got more guns and funds than Undeas

Un be us, I'm from the BX so I have to roll

Blast the 4 crash ya door smash ya ho

Hack off ya skull, I'm stackin heads like totem poles

Blow a hole in ya colon throw you from here to Fordan road

Blow for blow, I toe to toe with the toughest

Brung the ruckas to the roughest muthafucka its nothin but luckstress

My crews are cussin to bustin ass crushin glass

In niggas faces leavin traces of red out this bloody bath


The Notorious B.I.G., 2pac - Rap Phenomenon - lyrics

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