What's going on?

This can't be happening!

Don't tell me it's a song!

'It's a song!'

This wasn't how I planned it

Can't you see that this is gone too Far!

Please just pause the DVR!

Someone, won't you make it stop!

It's just a song!

An inefficient way to move the story along!

I'm done!

You're just being cynical

No, it's just the principal!

Someone won't you make it, make it stop!

(Don't make it stop!)

Oh, I can't stop singing!

Make it stop, make it stop!

Am I real or just a prop?

Oh, I can't stop singing

So let's just talk!

Oh, I can't stop singing

La la la la make it stop!

Does it stop, is it ever gonna stop?

Oh, I can't stop singing,

So let's just talk!

Teen Beach Movie - Can't stop singing - lyrics

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