ou got me fucked up homes

so I ain’t gonna tell you no more

I’ma let man key do it for me

ay man, run this shit


Who would reach it, who would reach it, I I I I


Hey I’m rounding round with my lights on, you broke way

top down with my shades on, you AK

right beside me so don’t do it, you try me

and I’m gonna do it tell me do you wanna guide me, oh well,

SO what, fuck it, fuck it, so what

fuck it, so what, fuck it, fuck it, so what, oh well

fuck it, sO what, fuck it, fuck it so what,

fuck it, so what, fuck it, fuck it so what

I’m rounding round, my lights on, my top down, my nights on

my white teeth, my AKB side me don’t get wrong

we won’t take no shit hoe, and brought day we..

then bro say I’m old there I hit that they call back

pocket full them clothes stacks

my home boys we mow rats

he Gucci, he Louie, he Ermies by all that

I pull up then have bout here whole shout

you saw that that’s TI and he fly

if not what you call that

still big bang can’t foll it up,

hundred pound to the loud can’t roll it up

couple Hollywood bitch get em foll to fuck

real nigga can’t help but notice up

we cool the shit weed up the fuck

you approaching us, you know what

you don’t give a fuck about your life

why should I, so what?


Hey what you know about me

zippin on that I’m on

and out of money I see

from out of places I’ve gone

OG’s call me your G and I’m your nigga why do you think

’cause I’ve been putting that work

and I’m movin up my ring

AK with me I ain’t plan you get shot if you don’t

no chopper spring bloss a blazzin fuck around if you won’t

don’t you know I’m still on bank here to the seat go on big blow

my wrist right in high way clip full of them hot thing

seat belt in my AK nigga try me in this main day

don’t go down no plane crest and fur no his lane male

you think ’cause I’m famous I won’t grab that bank up

pull one in the chain but then let go

hey let’s go

T.I. - Fuck It - lyrics

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