Blue eyes

Hold me tight

You've got the sweetest kiss

That I've ever known

Four A.M.

Where do I begin?

Lyin' next to me, my heart is

Caving in

You should know

That you're the only

Love I've ever known

And baby, does your heart ache

The way mine does for you?

Well all I ever wanted

Is for you to know the truth

I hope someday you'll feel the way

The way that I do

When I'm with you

And time stops

As my heart grows

And everything seems make-believe

When your lips take control

And stars will fall

As we grow old


My life feels like a dream

When you're dancin' alone

And I believe

And darlin' you never may

So I hold on

And I believe

I'm falling head over feet

So believe me when I say

You're the only

Love I've ever known

And does your heart ache

The way mine does for you?

Southside Serenade - Only love - lyrics

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