"I Live Alone"

I was 22, alone with nothing to do and I couldn’t sleep

'Cause all those cold days returned with their old ways of causing

New apathy

I live alone, I live alone

She was 21, wishing she lived by the sun, the sand and the sea

So I suggested she’d move out fast and not be the last

To leave and be free

I live alone, I live alone

I live alone, I live alone

Sweet summer day

I’m so afraid

So take me away

We were 17, longing to live in between

The earth and the stars

So I suggested we’d grow up fast and not be the last

And look where we are

With no connection I saw your reflection at home

In my bedroom mirror

And I felt young again when I saw what we could’ve been

In all of those years

I live alone, I live alone

I live alone, I live alone

Sky Sailing - I Live Alone - lyrics

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