Takin it slow

Isn't easy if as far as you go

Is only half as far as you and I both know


Comin out from above

A little something

And it's only because

I don't ever wanna see you in love

But I know

That you've been

Coming off strong lately

And I can feel it that

You been thinking that maybe

You got a, another shot at me

Thinking possibly

Somehow, but not now

And it's been spinning around like a hurricane

And the sound of the thunder

That's beatin my head to the ground

But I

I know

That I can't go back,

To this,

To her,

To what we used to have

It's black and burns,

My God this is so sad

It'll only make things worse,

If we bring it back

Woah, yeah yeah, ohhhh

And I mean if you believe,

That there is something still between you and me

And baby honestly, yeah

You're not the one for me

And I can't go back,

To this,

To her,

To what we used to have.

It's black and burns,

My God this is so sad,

It'll only makes things worse,

(If we bring it back) [x4]

If we bring it,


Shawn Mendes - Bring It Back - lyrics

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