I wish i could stop it, I wish I could fight it,

But there's nothing I can do,

I thought that we were meant for each other

Oh, how I wish I knew you better

I played a fool so many times, can't even count it.

Every time I say goodbye,

you try to keep me by your side

Gotta fight my way out of your hands,

find the shelter from the pain

Every time you say your lies,

I hide away and close my eyes,

I won't let you tear my world apart,

gotta find a shelter for my heart

I thought that it was supposed to hurt me,

I thought that it was love,

I put my hands up but I won't surrender

don't need what doesn't serve me any more

I lick my wounds so many times, so that I can keep on fighting.

Every time I say goodbye ....

Every time I say goodbye, you try to break me down

Sanja Vučić ZAA - Goodbye - lyrics

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