Baby, you ain't smiling,

like the way you used to.

Baby, tell me what you're feeling,

so I just can't get through to you.


So I just should've tried it,

to leave it all behind.

And your love is I decide, babe,

if only I could make it alright.

'Cause I can't sleep all night,

ain't no matter how hard I try.

I just can't sleep all night.

I'm in a hurry back to your heart again, oh oh oh. x2

Back to your heart.

So, baby, tell me what you're doing,

why are you leaving my love behind?

I wish I knew just what to say,

what to say to change your mind, girl.


Baby, how can you forget about me,

I thought we had an understanding.

I'm left alone, I just can't sleep,

can't be without you in the morning.

Tell me, baby,

how much longer, how much further to go, oh oh oh.

Tell me how much longer?


Ryan Leslie, Uness - Back 2 Your Heart - lyrics

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