I like the bass when

it booms you like the high and treble

I'm like the 99th floor

and you're cool on street level

I like the crowd

ro- ro- rockin'it loud

you like the sound of hush hush hey

keep it down

high tops flip-flops

retro dance pop

we rock different ways

beach bum city fun

touchdown home run

what can I sa- a- ay?

It's me

It's me

It's you

It's you

I know we're not the same

but we do what we do

It's you

It's you

and it's me

and it's me

and who says that we have to agree

cause I like what I like

and sometimes we collide

but it's me

It's me

and it's you

it's you

I know we're not the same

but we do what we do

Ross Lynch - It's me It's you - lyrics

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