I want God to come

& take me home

cause I'm all alone in this crowd

Who are you to me?

Who'm I sposed to be?

Not exactly sure anymore.

Where's this going to?

Can I follow through?

Or just follow you for awhile?

Does anyone ever get this right?

I feel no love

Ain't no confusion here

It is as I feared

The illusion that you feel is real.

To be vulnerable is needed most of all if you intend to truly fall


You think the worst of all is far behind

The Vampyre of time & memories has died

I survived. I speak. I breathe. I'm incomplete.

I'm alive, hooray.

You're wrong again

Cause I feel no Love

Does anyone ever get this right?

I feel no love

Queens Of The Stone Age - The Vampyre Of Time & Memory - lyrics

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