Gitchy gitchy oo lala

Da doo run run

You won't get far

I'm machine Obsolete

The land of the free Lobotomy

I wanna suck I wanna lick I wanna grind I wanna spit

Tears of pleasure Tears of pain

They trickle down your face the same

It's how you look Not how you feel

A city of glass With no heart

If I had a tail I'd own the night

If I had a tail I'd swat the flies

Gitchy gitchy oo lala

Da doo run run

You won't get far

Animals in the midnight zone

When you own the world you're always home

Get your hands dirty Roll up them sleeves

Brainwashed or true believers?

Buy flash cars Diamond rings Expensive holes to bury things

I'm machine Obsolete

In the land of the free Immortality

See me dance along the scars?

See me dance?

Queens Of The Stone Age - If I Had A Tail - lyrics

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