I sat by the ocean, and drank a potion baby, to erase you.

Face down in the Boulevard, yet I couldn't face you.

There ain't no use in crying.

It doesn't change anything,

So baby, what good does it do?

Your friends, they all sympathize.

Maybe, I don't need them too.


Imagine I'd be your one and only

Instead I'm the lonely one

You. Me. And a lie.

Silence is closer.

We're passing ships in the night.

There's nowhere to run away.


"Boy if you want love, you'll have to go and find it with someone new."

"Do you know who you really are? Are you sure it's really you?"

Lies are a funny thing.

They slip through your fingertips, because they never happened to you.

Time wounds all the heals. Then we fade out of view.


You. Me. And a lie.

Silence is closer.

We're passing ships in the night.

Into the light, left with nowhere to hide.


And closer...

We're crashing ships in the night

Queens Of The Stone Age - I Sat By The Ocean - lyrics

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