Everybody's watching me walk in!

Hot news everyone's talkin!

It's gonna be a c-c-crazy night, w'oh...

One look I'll get your attention!

I'm from another dimension!

It's gonna be a c-c-crazy night!

Yeh.. crazy night when the lights are bright!

Where everybody's leaving all their cares behind!

There's still one thing that I care about:

That's kissing your lips before the sun comes out!

This is gonna be a crazy night! |x2

(What a crazy night)

This is gonna be a crazy night! |x2

I'm better than a birthday, than a BIG surprise!

Stop the clock from when you look in my eyes!

I'm everything you always wanted and you know that it's right!

Song of Medcezir 8. Bolum - lyrics
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