See yourself trough another’s eyes.

Hopes and dreams left on other side.

Stuck somewhere between two different worlds,

Trying to land to Heaven or this earth.

Looking down, you see the world’s face

Looking up you see the heaven’s gates.

Holy Saints, you see them passing through.

You talk to them, but no one hears you.

Reach for life, you should make a choice.

Your time is ticking fast, you’re gonna loose,

Your body’s calling for you.

No goodbyes, try to raise your voice.

Don’t turn your head and you better not rest

Your body’s calling for you.

Now my friend is empty without you.

Choose your path cos’ end is coming soon.

Fight the pain and you will not be hurt.

Find the way and come back to our world.

Odd Crew - Stuck ( Between ) - lyrics

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