Distorted thoughts around my head.

Who let them in,

he brought the hate.

Can't stop to think what else they want.

They left me

blind, they left me in pain.

I ain't losing myself!

They tried a

thousand, thousand times

to break the last piece of my pride.

No matter how

hard they try to break my soul,

All this suffering can't change my faith.

I ain't losing myself!

They want to control me,

But only make me hate.


want to use me,

But I'll make them pay.

I ain't losing


They want to confuse me,

Stil they only make me hate.

They tried

to hurt me,

but I'll make them pay.

Don't you stop the fight you've


I can take much more.

I ain't losing me

Don't you hide behind

that wall

Can't you take much more?

I ain't losing myself.

Odd Crew - I Ain't Losing Myself - lyrics

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