Verse 1:

You can see… you can see it every single day.

In the crowd when two eyes meet yours

and take your breath away!

Love just hits you - you can’t stop it…

here we go again!

Take my hand right now, c’mon baby,

come and take away my pain!


Together we move now, this dance is like an explosion!

Touching your lips and the passion is rising!

I can feel you closer, you can feel me closer!

Oh, baby, baby, we go crazy!

Verse 2:

You can seen… you can see it every single day.

Suddenly everything’s over… the feelings are gone…

and you’re again alone, alone…

The violin is playing, it keeps you going on … and on…

And you keep waiting, filled with hope and praying,

The day we start again!

Chorus: ...

That's the end?! Ok, girl, you are now my past

and guess what, baby... you are not the last!

Here comes that hot chick ready to blow my mind -

I’m take her now like Alise to the wonderland!

Bom-bo-bom-bo-bom, this is not my heart!

Bom-bo-bom-bo-bom, yeah is getting hard!

Ladies, the explosion is that close -

hit the repeat, get rid of your clothes!


Mitko Petrov - Explosion - lyrics

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