I lost myself on a cool damp night.

I gave myself in that misty light.

Was hypnotized by a strange delight

under a lilac tree.

I made wine from the lilac tree.

Put my heart in its recipe.

It makes me see what i want to see

and be what i want to be.

When i think more than i want to think.

Do things i never should do.

I drink much more that i ought to drink,

because it brings me back you.

Lilac wine is sweet and heady!

Like my love . .

Lilac wine, i feel unsteady!

Like my love . .

Listen to me, i can't see clearly.

Isn't that she, coming nearly here?

Lilac wine is sweet and heady!

Where's my love?

Lilac wine, i feel unready!

Where's my love?

Listen to me!

Why is everything so hazy?

Isn't that she, or am i just going crazy, dear?

Lilac wine is sweet and heady!

Where's my love?

I feel unready, for my love.

Miley Cyrus - Lilac Wine - lyrics

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