She dances in the sheets at night

She dances to his needs

She dances 'til he feels just right

Until he falls asleep

She dances at the crack of dawn

And quickly cooks his food

She can't be late, can't take too long

The kids must get to school

[Chorus: (2x)]

She's a slave to the rhythm

She's a slave to the rhythm of

She's a slave to the rhythm

She's a slave to the rhythm of

The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love

She dances for the man at work

Who works her all the time

She dances so, and she says so

"I must be home tonight"

She dances to the kitchen stove

Dinner is served by nine

He said this food came a hour late

She must be out her mind...


She works so hard, just to make her way

For a man who just don't appreciate

And don't know it takes

And was all in vain


She danced the night

That they fell out

She swore she'd dance no more

But then she did, she did not quit

And she ran out the door


Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm - lyrics

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