Some people fill their lives

With empty nights and days that slip away

Some search till the end of time,

But never find

The open arms of fate

One moment come along,

someone who is a dream to you

All at once your dreams come true


Once in a lifetime,

you find the one you really love

For now and forever

one love that never ends

Once in a lifetime

when every stars that lights the sky

will shine with one reason

leading your heart to the one love you find

Just once in a lifetime

Some people live their lives in compromise

And hide their dreams away

Some never take the chance

within their hands

To claim the prize they make

When faith is all you need

to hold the hand of destiny

Find the love that is meant to be


If you believe in the power of love

and you believe that dreams come true

magic will fill your heart

when that moment comes along

Just once in a lifetime

Michael Bolton - Once in a lifetime - lyrics

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