I tried being good

But it never worked

But if I follow truce

There was no way I get hurt

But every time I let my guard down,

I just let my heart down, oh

I could give until you're back down,

Run me dry till I tap out, ooh oh

I could really use some sleep,

But you still won't let me rest

Must've fallen way too deep

No I'm drowning so blessed

No one said it would be easy,

Love isn't for the weak

But even in my strongest,

You're the one I can't defeat, ooh oh

I tried being good

But it never worked

See, I was playing with fire

When I should just let it burn

What's the use of being good?

In love, there is no peace

Hey, heyy

Might as well be the bad

Maybe then I'd find relief

I tried, I tried

Baby, you know that I tried

I don't know why I gave you my best

Yes, I did, yes, I did

I tried, I tried

I tried, I tried

Oh, I tried

Melanie Fiona - I Tried - lyrics

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