Ay mami te quiero y nada mas

Tu me quieres y nada mas

No me importan las otras

Dame tu amor


Dame tu amor

Dame tu

Dame tu


Love your body uh la la

Aa, wanna wanna see you dancing

Your body uh la la

Yeah, wanna wanna make you mine

So naughty uh la la

I know you wanna wanna play me

Aa come on play me

Yeah come and play me

Bridge 1:

quiero tu cuerpo a mi lado un momento

tranquila muevete tranquila muevete

baila me e e


Dame tu amor

Dame tu

Dame tu

Dame tu amor

Bridge 2:

No i can't let you go

Cause you gotta be with me

Cause you gotta be with me

No i can't let you go

My love,my love

Don't let me go

Mario Joy - Nada Mas - lyrics

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