Sitting alone in a tiny room

Waiting for dawn it should be breaking soon

I know where you are

And I know where you’ve been

But I never thought we would be here again

Say that you’re lost and need to find yourself

Can’t do that with me, but with somebody else

You say you’re still here

But you found a new home

I say that’s a nice way to say I’m alone

When did we both get so afraid to speak though

I thought we got each other's hearts

So I pushed you way through, hurting myself to live with it

I don’t know how we could ever let this transpire

You know I thought this love would always burn like a wildfire

Like a wild fire, like a wildfire, like a wildfire, like a wildfire

So now you show up when you’re alone again

But we haven’t changed, but now you’re interested

And maybe you’re here because you wanna come home

But what if you’re just afraid to be alone

I guess I don't know how

You'd want it back now

I thought you got yourself a way out

How do I prove it to myself you're ready now

God I want to

Now you want me

But what if your heart's a liar

Cause if you change your mind again

I'll burn like a wild fire

Like a wild fire, like a wildfire, like a wildfire, like a wildfire

From wedding bells to private hells

To fresh new starts to wish you wells

From up in lights to up in smoke

We just can't let this go

Maybe this time it could work

If our need is dire

Maybe our future's so bright if fucking burns like a wild fire

Like a wild fire

Like a wildfire, like a wildfire, like a wildfire, like a wild fire

Like a wild fire, like a wildfire

Marianas Trench - Wildfire - lyrics

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