My hands are covered with the blood of all the

Thoughts that flood my aching mind

And I know that when left alone I don't find the time

To match your desires up to mine and see what's right

Running from the scene of the crime

The last thing I need is to do what I've already done

Wish that I could rewind and start over

These thoughts still dwell in my mind

I'm losing a battle I thought that I had already won

Wish this part of my life could be over

Sometimes I feel the sin rage inside my soul

Sometimes I feel like just letting it take control

And then the pain I feel, the times I stray,

Would be the slightest regret that I just push away

And as I try to stand my heart is filled with nothing but hurt

My feet are heavy as they're pushing me down in the dirt

And all I ask is you don't give up on me

Someday I'll live like you died for me

Manic Bloom - Running From The Scene - lyrics

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