No one knows where the ladder goes

You're gonna lose what you love the most

You're not alone in anything

You're not unique and dying

I feel estranged every now and then

Fall asleep reading science fiction

I wanna fly in your silver ship, but

My mamma hanging my sister, sit

It's on now, the days are long now

The ups and the sun downs

In the twisting mind

If I gotta go first

I'll do it on my terms

I'm tired of traitors

Always changing sides

They were friends of mine

Don't hang around once the promise breaks

Or you'll be there when the next one's made

Kiss the feet of a charlatan

Some imagine freedom

All the rest is predictable

Try your hardest and melt the snow

Tie the knots to concentrate

Keep on pulling that rope will break

We'll welcome the new age

Covered in warrior paint

Lights from the jungle to the sky

See now a star burst

Looks just like a blood orange

Don't it just make you wanna cry

Precious friend of mine

Will I know when it's finally done

This whole life is hallucination

You're not alone in anything

You're not alone in trying to be

Lorde - Ladder Song - lyrics

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